Indecent Desires: The Game

That’s another interactive novel developed exclusively for the adult audience. This time, events take players to the territory a luxurious private house where the best friend of the protagonist’s mother lives. He agreed to help you to get into a prestigious university,
located near the mansion. Soon it becomes clear that lady Monroe has long been living alone, as her husband is in constant business trips. As a result, you have turned out to be the only man surrounded by hot beauties.

It’s time to court chicks

As you might have already guessed, the very essence of the entire gameplay is to communicate with hot ladies. Gaining their attention isn’t an easy thing. You are expected to understand the character as well as hints of your interlocutors. It’s clear that you shouldn’t do anything stupid if you don’t want to be thrown out.

In general, this game boasts an interactive short story with vivid illustrations as well as catchy dialogues.