For you

The game will grant you the same sensations as on your first date.

The given game is one of the most unusual on the web:

  • The game lasts 2-3 weeks at least;
  • A game can only be played once in a lifetime;
  • This is a smart and very beautiful game for loving couples;
  • Everything in the game is very romantic and magical.

The game “For You” will return the passionate and lively feelings of the first months of courtship and dating for a long time living together. For young couples, it will be a gift that will make the relationship incredibly strong.

Like a second honeymoon

Once you try “For You”, you will realize that your first honeymoon was not as interesting and romantic as the game that you just tried. It’s all different now. Now you are not just enjoying each other and spending time together, but you are also doing something that you would never have dared if the game hadn’t offered it.

The plot of the game is in two sealed envelopes where you can spot up to 15 tasks following them you along with your sweetheart will create a memorable romantic story.