Crazy Fake Taxi

This kind of game can become a breakthrough for all of those who like the videos on the internet about taxi drivers and their passengers who do not know how to pay for the ride. Of course, the passengers are females and you are the taxi driver and all you can do in this situation after you have given a ride is to let the girl repay you in a way that she understands.

Such a game with such an attitude and synopsis cannot become better and here you can do anything you want as you are the cab driver and you are the master and actually you have the right to get paid so all that girls are for you.

Here you have so much opportunities to vary the game process – you can make different moves, say words, interact with the character – all of that you were dreaming when you watched such videos on the porn sites.

Moreover, it should be mentioned that in the game like this there are perfect sex scenes made by the game manufacturers so you will be pleased to see how actually your controls affect the situation on the screen.

Just do not hesitate to download this game and feel what is it like to be a taxi driver in a perfect world.